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Electronic Industries

Iran System Electronic Industries (ISEI) Company has been incorporated with the objective of production and assembling of electronic and telecommunication equipments in the ... Read more

Comkar system company

Due to expansion and growth in telecommunications sector ,Iran System decided to modify its telecommunication Department to an independent Company therefore in 1995 ... Read more

Sabaidea Company

Saba idea is a company active in the field of internet technologies creates some of the most viewed (traffic) Iranian websites such as, Cloob, Aparat , Miha blog, Lenzor ... Read more

Information Technology

Since in today's world, information technology is considered as the most important human achievements, the software department of company, in 2001 ... Read more

Expertise, experience and capabilities

In the field of informatics services

Iran System Company

Iran System as the first computer manufacturer was founded in Iran in 1364. Production of personal computers compatible with IBM and its supply with Mark ICS, first Karktrst Persian design, system design and implementation of financial, legal and Off-Ray Mobarakeh Steel warehouse systems and foreign exchange facilities and rights Bank of Industry and Mine project It was early. Since 1368, the start of mechanization of Iran's export bank branches in Tehran and the city Iran System with computers, Activity in the field of hardware and the design and implementation of systems hundred and Urban Development in the municipality of Tehran, Activity in the field of software design and implementation of fiber optic network and service activities now entered a new phase Sepehr Tower.

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